iZagg Energy Management Company
Financial Strategies for an Age of Green
iZagg Energy offers a financial strategy and a final solution to YOUR concerns about a career opportunity and job security. There may seem to still be a debate on "Global Warming" but there is 100% agreement that everyone should save the 10 to 30% on their utilities that they have to pay every month is truly going Green in the right way.

The surest, fastest and easiest way to make a lot of money is to meet a need or cure an injustice that people cannot or do not want to handle themselves. iZagg Energy has the most TIMELY, TRENDY, GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY that you have ever had in your lifetime. The world is going Green whether "You Do or Not".
A $500 Billion Dollar Vision

iZagg Energy's vision is a reality because there was once a customer without a choice for a utility provider or the rate they were paying. There was only the local utility company available for their utility needs. There was no other competing utility company to create fair competition with rate plans and services for a customers' continued business. To correct this potential injustice to customers, regulators created the largest deregulation of an industry in American history affecting in the neighborhood of $500 billion of utilities then being used by homeowners and businesses.

Rather than have an illegal monopoly being the customers only option for a utility provider, the process of deregulation created a choice for their utility provider and competitive rate pricing for every customer.

Deregulation also created a new financial opportunity for business people who were once shut out of the utility industry. Under new Deregulation laws - there dawned a new day for new utility providers and marketing strategies never seen in the utility business before. There is now true competition for the customer to continue to pay their current rate and stay with their current provider.

After 13 years of Deregulation there are still millions who don't have a practical understanding of the potential 10 to 30% savings they can realize from their current monthly bill.

iZagg Energy seeks those customers who lack knowledge or understanding of their possible choices for new rate plans and another utility provider. We assist them to have important deregulation information, a competitive rate choice and the provider of their choice at no cost to the customer.


iZagg Energy majors in two areas that are required to enjoy a long future in todays' world of "always low price" for the customers business. This market practice of low price in turn demands a high volume of product sales for every business to compete.

Number 1: The company must have a proven system that results in large numbers of customers who buy the product on an ongoing basis.

Number 2: The company must have a proven system that will attract, expertly train and can sustain a large, highly skilled and productive sales group. This sales group must continue to aggressively sell the company's products in the future. While most of these responsibilities may fall under the area of executive company leadership, the most important part of this relationship with this type sales group, is proper compensation for their productiveness and continued sales.