The Smart Phone
Leveled the
Playing Field
This is Your
NeetSo Business

Never in history has there been a path or a way for individuals that are totally economically unable to compete or even influence the marketplace  in which they are both employee and customer. The Smart phone you are holding in your hand has been developed and placed in your hand so you can buy more and easier.  The disenfranchised,  broke American youths and their parents have played along just as they were expected to do and use their smart phones to play games, take selfies and chat endlessly about nothing.  These are money machines.  They are a weapon for self commerce if you will come together as a group and be the owner operator of your own phone and then do for yourselves and one another what the TRILLION dollar teamed up rich are doing right now to you from that very phone your are holding because they built it for them to access you not you access them.  STOP using it for what they designed it to do and turn it toward NeetSo the Smart Media Generation and we are unwilling to continue to always 100% of the time be the consumer and never the Business Operator Owner.